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10 Reasons to visit Avery’s Garden Centre Today

  1. Alan and Candy Avery are plant experts and are never happier than when giving gardening advice and recommending favourite must have plants.
  2. We sell everything needed for a productive allotment.
  3. We stock the feeds and the sprays that we use, here on our nursery, to keep your garden plants in tip top condition.
  4. We share your love for wild birds and have a wide range of nuts seeds and treats in stock.
  5. We are growers ourselves and so we sell the compost we have got best results with, – Durstons.
  6. As growers we know a thing or two about garden tools and so we sell only the very best gardening tools.
  7. Our Plantaria is filled with colour and inspiration 360 days of the year.
  8. We have choice varieties of apples, pears, plums and Cherries perfect for planting all year round.
  9. We have deliveries of seasonal plants arriving all of the time.
  10. If you are lucky you might meet the Big Boss, Jasper the Nursery Hound, seen here supervising Alan on the lawn tractor.

Jasper inspecting Alan's work